About Me

Before anything else, I am a man-fearfully and wonderfully made; loaded with special abilities, talents, and potential. I never take anyone for granted. People are so dear to my heart though, I only have a handful of friends. A friend to me, is someone who I can count on through thick and thin, one who can be there for me even in my darkest hour. I enjoy being on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because they are platforms that connect me to the world. I love traveling too. I get exposed to diverse cultures and religions out there.

During my free time, I enjoy playing mobile games like Pokémon and candy crush. I am not a fan of movies but I like listening to music because I consider it soul food. There is just a special way that music ministers to your mind, body, and soul. I am a hard worker who doesn’t believe that anything comes easy. I fear people who engage in double speak; you can never know their true identity. Being in the spotlight is not really my thing. I admire anonymity. I’d rather be rich and anonymous than rich and famous.

I don’t engage in negative speak. I am the kind of person who is always optimistic. I see no gain in being a person who always sees the glass half empty. I thrive best when pushed to the limits. I hate comfort zones. Plunge me in the deep end of life and watch me overcome. Finally, I believe that what goes around always comes around. Be good and do good is always my motto.