Puzzlescapes Daily Level 26 May Answers

Puzzlescapes Daily Level 26 May AnswersPuzzlescapes: Relaxing Word Puzzle Brain Game is just released by Zynga on January 2020. You can download the game on Google Play Store or IOS App Store but since you are on this page you are looking for help on solving Puzzlescapes Levels. This cheats will help you solve the difficult levels of the game. We have posted the solutions in a calendar form so it will be easier for you to pick-up the correct date. Keep in mind that you might have different time-zone so it is always better to the answers for one day before or one day after. So for example if you want the answers for February 20 you should check February 19 and 21 if correct date doesnt have the correct answers. Below is the Daily Level 26 May Answers. Check it out.

Puzzlescapes Level 26 May Answers – Complete Words

  t h      w
  h a    w e
 head   what
 a       e  
 t  w heat  
death a w   
a   e t eat 
t thawed t  
e e t d dew 

To be able to choose the level follow this link => Puzzlescapes Answers or go to Puzzlescapes Daily Level Answers.

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