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Mobile games are growing in popularity, with an assortment of games from various genres making their way into GooglePlay and AppStore each day. So what is making such games very popular? The reasons are obvious; you can easily access them anytime because you carry your phone all the time, and they are fun to play. When we talk of fun, you can’t help think of genre because everyone has his/her own preferences. Forget action games; surprisingly enough, words games have become the new favorite among mobile game players.

Word Mobile Games

Word games also referred to as word game puzzles entail board or spoken games designed to explore the properties of a language and also test one’s proficiency. As such, they can be used for educational purposes and also can be a great source of entertainment. Over the recent past, mobile developers have converted the traditional board games into mobile games to make them more easily accessible and more fun with the availability of a myriad of game variants.

Word Games vs Action Games

Action games are an all-time favorite for many players because the gameplay involves, adventure, physical fights, shoots outs, and a wide range of weaponry equipment and vehicles. This amounts to sheer fun for most players. Action games mainly emphasize hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes and reaction time. On the other hand, Word games are preferred because they not only help you to sharpen your vocabulary but are also great fun to play. Since there’s no shortage of mobile word games; here are reasons why you need to play them.

Why should you play word mobile games?

  • They make you smart, and better at life.

Everyone would like to be smarter. This is because intelligence is one of the most desirable qualities. Unfortunately, sharpening your intelligence often requires you to spend hours studying and practicing what you learn. On the brighter side, what if I told you that there is a way to increase your brain power and have fun while at it. Word games help you achieve exactly that by helping you to work out your brain muscle.

  • Convenient to play

Word games are perfectly suited for the on-the-go nature of mobile games. They are less addictive; thus you can easily put them down to go on with your daily activities. Moreover, they are also easy to pick up each time you get the nudge to exercise your brain.

  • Learn through failure

In real life circumstances, we often fail in various endeavors before we learn critical lessons to succeed. Similarly, when playing word games, players encounter several challenges before they master the game. It teaches that failure is okay, and that success is achievable as long as you are not willing to quit. Some more great news is that there exists word game solving tools to help you find answers whenever you get stuck.

  • Increases your problem-solving skills

Word games keep your mind active, as such, they are great for training the brain. As we age, we undergo both mental and physical decline. Frequent physical activity and sex will effectively slow down the physical decline. On the other hand, word games will help you flex your brain muscle which will help you to keep mental decay at bay.

Clinical research indicates that mentally active seniors are about 2.6 times less likely to develop mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. Moreover, other studies indicate that playing word games help you to relax, improve mood and memory, and promotes overall longevity. So go ahead and your grandparents word mobile apps this Christmas.

  • Increases your brain’s processing speed

Having the ability to quickly process information is instrumental in many situations. Drivers, for instance, have to contend or rather process an ever-changing stream of information and quickly make decisions that have dramatic implications. In ideal situations, speedy decision making is associated with poor accuracy and vice versa. However, this need not be that case. When playing word mobile games, the players are often required to act quickly which calls for the unique ability to process sensory information. Delays in response or indecision are often punished thus forcing players to hone their brain processing speed in order to win. This ability can be effectively applied to other areas of your life.

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